Lynn (lynevere) wrote,

When Jacob's away...

Jacob was out of town this past weekend. I don’t feel that I’m very constrained by him, but it’s strangely freeing to have the house to myself. I decided the theme of the weekend would be to do everything that I can’t do when he’s home. With that in mind, I

- Took long walks (I hit 20,000 steps on Saturday)
- Wore my “Maybe if this shirt is witty enough someone will finally love me” shirt
- Sang songs he finds annoying (I Feel Pretty, The Saga Begins, and the Uruguay National Anthem)
- Watched a whole bunch of Busted videos
- Cooked with mushrooms

I also thought of (but failed to) let it mellow and watch a Pride and Prejudice marathon. I suppose there’s always his next trip.
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