Lynn (lynevere) wrote,

Still a Commie

I recently (re)took the Political Compass test. I was curious where I fit in the British political spectrum, and I didn’t remember that I’d previously taken the test until I recognized my results. The political compass plots results along two axes: Left to Right (Horizonal left to right) and Authoritarian to Libertarian (Vertical top to bottom). I scored at (-6, -4) which puts me in the bottom left (Communist Libertarian) quadrant.

This puts me pretty far away from any of the British parties, save the Green party. On further examination, it puts me pretty far away from any political party, as the vast majority of (British and US) politicians are in the upper right quadrant. (Nelson Mandela is closest to my alignment. Also in my quadrant: the Dalai Lama and Dennis Kucinich.) I’d always argued against the “there’s no difference in the major parties” line, but there seems to be more to it than I’d realized.

The site also plots how different parties have changed their alignment over time. (Almost always up and right, so progressively farther away from me.) Interesting stuff, even if a bit depressing.
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