Lynn (lynevere) wrote,

Thoughts on Netflix?

Jacob and I are considering switching from Blockbuster to Netflix. We’ve generally enjoyed Blockbuster, but we don’t make use of its sole advantage over Netflix, since we rarely trade in our DVD’s at the bricks and mortar store. Indeed, I think my snobbishness makes it such that I actively avoid DVD’s that are available at the store. To me, the whole point of having an online rental system is that I can view DVD’s that I couldn’t find otherwise. (Bollywood movies and BBC series most recently).

Lately, though, I’ve been annoyed by the Blockbuster queue. The system is fine when the DVD in question is available. If the quantities are limited, however, the movie is labeled “Short Wait,” “Long Wait,” or (God forbid) “Very Long Wait.” If I request a book at the library, I may have to wait months, but I eventually move up to the top of the queue and read it. As far as I can tell, I will never receive a “Wait” movie from Blockbuster. Rather, Blockbuster ignores my “Wait” DVD’s and instead sends me an Available one.

This would be okay if Blockbuster acknowledged which DVD’s were rare and purchased additional ones. They don’t. Years pass, and the “Very Long Wait” DVD’s remain as “Very Long Wait.” And Lynn still doesn’t know how the cliffhanger from the first season of Felicity is resolved, since the second season is a “Very Long Wait.”

So, the Netflix system of instant viewing is sounding pretty appealing. With instant viewing, a lack of physical copies of a certain disc would not be an issue. The convenience of instant viewing would be nice, but more than anything I want access to the rare discs.

Have any of you used Netflix? How does the selection compare? How are the “Waits” resolved for physical discs? How many shows and movies are available via instant viewing?
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