Lynn (lynevere) wrote,

Remember When the Music

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After reinvigorating my Busted fandom last week, I’ve been listening to “Who’s David” and “Falling for You” pretty constantly on my iPod. My musical tastes are generally pretty obsessive – I almost always have a “Song of the Moment” that I can’t get enough of - but this is getting a little ridiculous.

About a month back, I took a car ride with my 22 month old niece Annabella. She constantly requested that we sing “Row Row Row Your Boat” to her (“Row row row?”), and we sang it ~25 times to her during the ride. As soon as one song would end, she’d say,“Row row row?” again.

I realized, though, that my Song of the Moment is very similar. If I had Busted in front of me, I’d be tempted to pull an Annabella and request they repeat the song as soon as it ended (“Falling for you?”). Happily, recorded music exists for me, so I don’t need to subject the band to my requests. Thanks to my iPod, I don’t even need to make my friends listen to my music. (Conclusion: Annabella needs her own iPod?)

In high school choir, one of our theme songs was Harry Chapin’s “Remember When the Music.” The song refers to the time before recorded music, when if you wanted harmony, you’d have to find a friend to sing with you. Having sung in choirs/quartets/groups, I can certainly appreciate the community that live music engenders. On the other hand, for obsessives like me, there’s something to be said for the ability to play music without inflicting it on anyone else.
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