Lynn (lynevere) wrote,

Weak Sauce, Tina

My soccer team, Tina Come Get Some Ham, recently played our rescheduled game against our nemesis, MLA. When there was a conflict between our softball and soccer game (the teams consist of many of the same players), we were forced to forfeit or reschedule. MLA was nice enough to allow us to reschedule a late (no referee) game against them on their bye week. At the scheduled time, though, only 5 MLA players had shown up. We theoretically could have forced MLA to forfeit, but both teams agreed to report a tie and just play for fun.

Tina sent two players over to MLA to even the numbers (myself and Mike, our best player, who wanted to test out our defense firsthand). MLA has a lot of good players, so even without Mike it would have been a struggle for Tina. At halftime, MLA was up by 4 or 5, and Tina decided to take our players back. I now feel bad for not telling MLA this, as we just didn’t show up to their huddle and left them to draw their own conclusions.

Apparently my team was also Very Offended by how the first half went down. One of Tina’s players left, saying he wasn’t having fun. There was no dirty play, but some players thought MLA was unnecessarily running up the score. Rather than scoring, they should have been practicing passing. I found this last bit a little funny, as MLA was doing well precisely because they were passing well. The players even passed to me, which rarely helps the team.

Personally, I didn’t see a problem with MLA playing to win. I don’t want any team to play down to us. It’s unfortunate if we can’t measure up, but there’s nothing inherently unfair or mean about it.

Questions for discussion:
- What goal differential constitutes “running up the score”?
- Am I being naïve in attributing MLA’s play to competitiveness rather than dickishness?
- How many players besides me actually had fun in our fun game?
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