Lynn (lynevere) wrote,

She's the one sold her hair

My hair has gotten rather long lately. I rarely have a strategy for my hair, beyond making sure it ends in a straight line so Jacob can cut it easily. It grows until it annoys me or I find some split ends. Then, I ask Jacob to cut it to some random length and begin again. I’ve been enjoying the ability to pull my hair back into a ponytail and bun lately, and it’s been in pretty good condition, so it’s gotten longer than normal.

However, it’s starting to get a bit too long. I’m defining this as the point when it can reach from my pillow onto Jacob’s pillow and he can accidentally trap it. Enough snags later, I made mental plans to chop a couple of inches off. A coworker mentioned I could donate it to Locks of Love. I did some research into the various hair donation places, and if I donate my hair, I think it will go to Pantene’s Beautiful Locks, as

- They require the least hair (8”)
- They are the only place that donates wigs to adults. (I hate children. Especially children with cancer.)
- They don’t sell donated hair (*cough*Locks of Love*cough*)

Still, I wasn’t really looking to lose 8” of my hair. That would essentially leave my hair at chin level, so ponytails would be out. Since reading about the hair donation, though, I feel guilty for thinking that. (How does my desire for a ponytail compare to helping out a cancer victim?) That said, I know donation or a lack of a donation is not going to make a huge difference. Each wig requires 6 ponytails, so if I keep my hair, I’ll just be keeping one woman from having 1/6 of a free real-hair wig. She can still buy a wig, including one made with real hair. So, I’m now in a weird hair limbo where I want to cut 2” off but may instead grow an extra 4”. I’m waiting it out while I make up mind.

Related: Whenever I think about donating my hair, I hear the song “Lovely Ladies” from Les Miserables in my head. Fantine, desperate for money, sells her hair en route to ultimately selling her body as a prostitute. By extension, if I donate my hair, does it mean I’m on the road to donating my body?
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