Lynn (lynevere) wrote,

Sorry, Annabella

My two year old niece Annabella leaves her shoes all over my in-law's house, so it wasn't surprising when we couldn't find one of the shoes as we prepared to leave for Christmas Eve celebrations. What was odd was that the shoe was still missing after 30 minutes of searching. We finally punted, put Annabella into her too-small shoes, and headed out.

During the gift exchange, I pulled out the afghan I'm crocheting so I could make some progress. As I was putting it back into its bag, though, I noticed that it was a little extra heavy. In addition to the skein of yarn, the blanket was also supporting a six 6 Mary Jane shoe. The velcro had caught on the yarn earlier in the day, and I'd packed the shoe away into my crocheting bag.

I'm calling this a freak accident, as I'd like to think I'm not in the habit of stealing shoes from two year olds.
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