Lynn (lynevere) wrote,

National Anthems, continued.

I previously posted about my love of National Anthems.

Since then, I requested and received a big book of national anthem sheet music for Christmas. I've enjoyed the book quite a bit in the last six months, but it's been especially useful now that the Women's World Cup has started. Every match begins with two anthems, and I get to practice my sight-reading skills as I sing along.

If he were watching by himself, Jacob would prefer to skip over the anthems entirely. Now that I have the music, I'm tempted to watch each National Anthem twice. I like to see the starting lineup during the anthem, so ideally I'd sing along once, rewind, and watch the players once. Thus far we've compromised by watching the anthems just the once, and I try to split my vision between the sheet music and the TV. I figure with enough time I'll learn the most important anthems by heart and then I can sing while watching the players.
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